Stop Wasting Hours of Administrative Time in Home Care

July 16, 2019

Between making schedules, creating claims, doing payroll, and recruiting new staff, you are racking up hours of administrative time. Have you considered time spent on documentation by your clinicians? This time and therefore cost, can be cut down. First you must track current activities. Then you can implement a way to improve on unnecessary hours spent. 


Ask your managerial staff to log hours spent on administrative activities.

  • How long did they spend filling shifts this week, month, year?
  • What is the length of time the average claim takes? How many claims do they generate in a year?
  • What about conducting payroll? Do they look at hours logged and have to calculate totals themselves? Was your clock in/out software down one day, forcing them to manually input hours?


Ask your clinicians to log hours spent on administrative activities.

  • How long does it take to document care given for each visit? 
  • Access previous care given? 
  • Sign up or search for a shift?

Cut down on admin time using technology

Home care and healthcare companies often use software to streamline activities. If there is a technology that can be used to lessen the work burden on your staff, then consider implementing it. Not only are you saving time by becoming more efficient, you are saving money in staffing and administrative expenses. If you are using a software created in the late 90s or early 2000s then you are not being as proficient as possible. Look into new software that have features you could only dream of before.


Save money and time with CareTime 

CareTime is a web-based home care software company for home health, home care, hospice, and other healthcare organizations. We help you take back control of time, track caregivers, cut expenses, and generate more revenue. Our platform excels with making it easy for home care, home health administrators, and caregivers to use it. Manage point of care delivery with visit verification (EVV), care documentation and maps, manage your caregivers and their schedules, bill with accuracy, produce payroll, and run reports to improve your business.


Use our schedule manager 

You will no longer need schedulers who spend all of their days calling, writing down availabilities, and filling shifts. Cut hours out of the process by using our schedule manager.


Generate claims in minutes with CareTime 

Create and send electronic claims to get paid by insurance, Medicaid, Medicare, and more. Batch claims can be created in an instant from all of your visit data. Process thousands of claims in just minutes!


Payroll made easy 

Generate your payroll data with one click, and integrate into your preferred payroll provider.



Caregivers can record and document visits with ease. You can also set up questions required upon clock out to ensure care plan tasks, ADLs, etc. were completed.

Sign up for our free trial

You can try the full version of CareTime for two weeks at no cost to you. 

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