Electronic Visit Verification (EVV)

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Track Visits and Duration Effortlessly

CareTime’s EVV software provides compliance with the EVV Mandate in the CURES Act. It lowers payroll expenses and reduces time spent on administrative tasks. Our EVV solution can also be coupled with a full-suite home care software that covers scheduling, billing software, alerts, caregiver payroll, care plan tracking, and so much more.

CareTime’s Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) and Telephony Software

CareTime’s multi-technology electronic visit verification solution is a compliant EVV system for providers. Our EVV uses GPS, cell phone, and telephony technologies. A few other features, like fixed-based and voice-bot, are available upon request.


Multiple Technologies for EVV


Visit Notes, Details, and Tasks


Integrate with Other Software


EVV: Track Visits and Duration Effortlessly


Offline Visits: No Service Area Visits


Multilingual: English and Spanish


Voice Verification for Extra Security


Creates Billing and Payroll Data Automatically

✓ Offline visits using an in-home device and the app

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Who Benefits From Our EVV Software?

EVV for Providers & Consumer-Directed Care

Multi-technology, user-friendly electronic visit verification software created for providers and consumer directed care.

EVV for States

Our fully-capable and reliable system is built to be a state-compliant EVV. States can either use our system or request a customized EVV solution developed for their specific needs. CareTime has been approved and used in many states by thousands of users.

EVV for Payers & MCOs

Gain insights into the accuracy, expected reimbursements, and real-time visits with our EVV solution for payers.

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