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Make Your Home Care Agency Easier to Manage

We're here to help home care agencies run more smoothly and efficiently. Our platform is packed with features that make managing your agency easier, faster, and more effective. Here’s how CareTime can make a difference for you:


Clear Financial Dashboard

Stay on top of your agency’s financial health with our easy-to-use dashboard. It shows you everything you need to know about your finances and accounts receivable in one place.

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Save Time and Cut Down Claim Rejections

Make your billing process smoother and reduce claim rejections with our automatic EVV unit conversion. By converting Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) units to hours, we save you a lot of manual work and help avoid errors.

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Boost Billing Efficiency by Up to 80%

Say goodbye to manual claims processing! Our pre-scrubbing feature checks client and visit data before you submit it, making billing 70-80% more efficient. Focus on what’s important, and let us handle the details.

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Easy Fixes for Rejected Claims

No more wasting time figuring out why a claim was rejected. CareTime tells you in plain language what went wrong and helps you fix it in seconds.

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File Claims Automatically for Better Cash Flow

Improve your agency's cash flow and save time with CareTime’s automated claims filing. Set custom schedules for each payor type, and file claims whenever you want without any hassle.

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Customizable Time Sheets for Compliance

Stay compliant and capture all the important data you need with our customizable time sheets. Add any fields you need to make sure you’re gathering the right information.

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"The new rules functionality is MIND BLOWING. I never thought it could be so simple."

CareTimeV3 User

"Automated Billing is a brilliant addition to the world of home care software. I cannot wait to share this with my office staff - they will be more excited than I am!"

CareTimeV3 User

"I never imagined a portal would be able to solve my daily headaches of figuring out where claims are getting stuck. CareTime does it yet again with this INCREDIBLE new feature, they truly think of EVERYTHING."

CareTimeV3 User

"Set it and forget it" rules for all payors and payment types? HOW QUICKLY CAN YOU SIGN ME UP!?"

CareTimeV3 User

“Submitting claims used to be the worst part of my job, taking up 3-4 hours every Friday... The ease of submitting a claim with just a click of a button, as I did this morning at 5 am, is truly remarkable and a significant time-saver.”

CareTimeV3 User

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