CareTime Pricing


You need a partner to go with your product

Technology isn't the whole story. You need a partner that understands your unique goals and challenges. 

That is where we shine. 

Our primary focus is home care, giving us a deep understanding of your concerns, as well as expertise in solving problems unique to your business model. 

No one understands home care like CareTime.

Simple Pricing, No Hidden Fees 

When you leverage a centralized technology platform, you're not buying software. You're making an investment in your staff, your clients, and your caregivers. You're making it easier to provide exceptional care, gaining insights into potential issues and always keeping yourself audit ready.


Frequently Asked Questions

Our pricing is based on the number of active clients you serve every month. 

We are proud to say that we have the most competitive pricing in the industry. 

We work with start ups all the way to multiple location agencies. We're the perfect fit, no matter what stage of growth your in. 

We support medicaid, veterans administration, long term care insurance, and private pay. 

We're better - let us show you how. Reach out below to learn more and get started:

I had an outstanding experience with the CareTime team. They were able to meet every need. All the information was very helpful and was explained in a way that anyone would catch on. I am very pleased with the service!

Marilyn C.
Director of Business 

It is the best system out there, and I recommend it to every person I can that is in my line of work. I love everything about it! 

Vincent I.

CareTime provides a great way to store client care plan and employee documents all in one place. It is easy to find documents when they are required. The product is easy and simple to use. Can't recommend it enough! 

Jakina J.

Once I learned more about CareTime, I knew this is exactly what I needed for my agency. CareTime walked me through everything to make sure I was set up for success. 

Nadine L.

Overall the experience has been nothing but positive, and CareTime has functioned as we needed. It does exactly what we needed it to do and MORE! 

Janlea L.
Program Supervisor 

I love everything about this software! CareTime helps me in so many ways, as it is hard to maintain and manage a business alone. This software has made my life so much easier. Nothing bad to say about this software I would totally recommend this product. 

Jakenzie W.

I am beyond satisfied with the product and the recent upgrades. I have been using this product for almost 2 years and have not switched to the competitors that constantly contact us. It's easy to use. The employees find it less complicated than some other systems that they have used with other companies in the past. 

Trena W.

CareTime is AWESOME!!!!! It has allowed me to virtually run my office without 1anyone being present. The system functions are easy to use, and I couldn't have found any other system any better. Hands up for CareTime. I give them a two thumbs up! I've been with CareTime for 5 years. There is not one thing about CareTime that I dislike. 

Christine D.