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Discover why CareTime is the leading choice for all home care agencies. No matter the business model or size, we got you covered.

Here's what you can expect from CareTime:

  • Personalized support crafted for your unique business needs
  • Swift implementation for an immediate start
  • Explore the latest in CareTime V3: 'billing while you sleep,' an automated rules engine, and the ultimate EVV Dashboard
  • A comprehensive software solution designed to anticipate and meet your daily demands
  • And the best part? We've paved the way for numerous agencies to succeed. We're excited to do the same for you!

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I had an outstanding experience with the CareTime team. They were able to meet every need. All the information was very helpful and was explained in a way that anyone would catch on. I am very pleased with the service!

Marilyn C.
Director of Business 

It is the best system out there, and I recommend it to every person I can that is in my line of work. I love everything about it! 

Vincent I.

CareTime provides a great way to store client care plan and employee documents all in one place. It is easy to find documents when they are required. The product is easy and simple to use. Can't recommend it enough! 

Jakina J.

Once I learned more about CareTime, I knew this is exactly what I needed for my agency. CareTime walked me through everything to make sure I was set up for success. 

Nadine L.

Overall the experience has been nothing but positive, and CareTime has functioned as we needed. It does exactly what we needed it to do and MORE! 

Janlea L.
Program Supervisor 

I love everything about this software! CareTime helps me in so many ways, as it is hard to maintain and manage a business alone. This software has made my life so much easier. Nothing bad to say about this software I would totally recommend this product. 

Jakenzie W.

I am beyond satisfied with the product and the recent upgrades. I have been using this product for almost 2 years and have not switched to the competitors that constantly contact us. It's easy to use. The employees find it less complicated than some other systems that they have used with other companies in the past. 

Trena W.

CareTime is AWESOME!!!!! It has allowed me to virtually run my office without 1anyone being present. The system functions are easy to use, and I couldn't have found any other system any better. Hands up for CareTime. I give them a two thumbs up! I've been with CareTime for 5 years. There is not one thing about CareTime that I dislike. 

Christine D.


Exploring new software solutions? Or still stuck in manual processes?

We've been there with countless agencies. Wherever you are in your journey, we're here to help guide you forward.

With feature's like this, CareTime V3 is the obvious choice.

Experience 'Billing While You Sleep'!

What that means for you:
Set your preferred billing frequency and plan for each payor in the system. When you wake up, you'll receive a notification indicating the number of healthcare claims submitted for billing overnight.

Automated Rules Engine

What that means for you

This feature minimizes the time you spend managing claims by allowing you to input rules specific to each payor type. Plus, it provides advanced notifications if a visit or a group of visits is likely to be declined, saving you from potential hassles.

Comprehensive View of your EVV and Claims Data

What that means for you:

Access all your essential information through a single, user-friendly dashboard.  With just a click, submit your claims and gain immediate insight into the status of your EVV and claims, ensuring you are always informed and in control.