CareTime Home Care Software Solution

Beautifully Designed Home Care Software Suite

Built for usability and power, CareTime is a cloud-based desktop and mobile software solution for the skilled and unskilled, home health, home care, and consumer-directed care markets.

Easy to Use. Finally, a home care software platform you don’t need a PhD degree to learn how to use. Our design makes it easy for all users with minimal training.

Real Customer Service. We answer with real-live people that can help, not with incoherent computers. We listen to our customers and their suggestions.

caretime home care software

Scheduling Manager Saves Hours of Your Time

No longer do you have schedulers spending all of their days calling, writing down availabilities, and filling shifts. Cut hours out of the process.

Electronic Visit Verification (EVV), Mapping, and Alerts

With a multi-technology EVV, you can track visits and automatically create billing and payroll data from the check ins/outs. Record visit notes, questions, and caregivers can see their schedules in the mobile app. Admins can see caregivers and visits on a map. Alerts let you know if visits are missed, caregivers are late, authorized hours are running out and more…

Billing and Payroll in Minutes

Conduct billing and payroll through CareTime. Use our solutions or we can integrate with your preferred provider.

Agency and Caregiver Communicator (Text (SMS)/Email)

Send messages out to your entire agency / organization, a group of caregivers or one single caregiver. Use this tool to fill open shifts in a matter of minutes. No longer do you have to call around to check availabilities. Do it with the click of a button.

Additional Features That Make Life Easier

Alerts Help You Manage Even Better

Alerts for no-shows, late-check-ins, upcoming shifts, overtime, authorization exhaustion, nurse certificate expiration are just some of the alerts.

Document Visits, Prompt for Questions

Caregivers can document notes and tasks completed in a visit. Agencies can prompt for specific questions before a visit is completed.

Reports to Find More Revenue and Cut Expenses

Use reports to compare actual vs. scheduled visits, no-shows, overtime pay, underutilized visits, etc.

Track Authorizations for Medical Care

You can track authorized care and be notified of when authorizations are running low.

Manage Caregivers & Certifications

Add and manage caregivers quickly with our employee management system. You can add, inactivate or terminate employees and maintain records with the click of a button. Also, manage their certifications and expirations.

Create Zones for Clear Management of Care

You can create zones for geographic areas, branch offices, payers, or types of care. Zones help you organize your firm when it comes to shifts, billing, payroll and reporting.

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