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Manage your homecare visits with the most affordable and fast to set up home healthcare software.
Track work time, schedules, location, activities, arrival and create exports for your payroll and billing.

Call in or out from land lines, mobile phone, tablet or computer for timekeeping
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Telephony Timekeeping for Home Healthcare with nurse scheduling, billing, payroll. EVV and CDS capable.


SIMPLE homecare software

Aren't you looking for a simple home healthcare software solution? You are at the right place.
It's not enough that you now have to comply with a myriad of home healthcare regulations and new rules, you now have to implement a homecare software system that allows you to verify visits so you can get paid. You spend hours correcting exceptions to visits or, if you are Consumer directed, trying to get a schedule you have no control of. Although Caretime includes a free nurse scheduling module, it does not require a schedule to work. You only need to add a nurse(PA) and patient(consumer) name and address and you can use Caretime.

POWERFUL home health software solution

While simplicity is paramount you still need feature and function. The beauty of Caretime is the full-featured capability we provide our users.
The demands of the modern day home health care agency are enormous. Quality of care is not only foremost in your mind it also drives compliance and ever-evolving regulations. You need a homecare software solution that is flexible and powerful enough to address these demands but also is flexible enough to adapt to the on-going changes. There is simply no other software company more dedicated to changing with these demands and your needs. We are an attentive, responsive and customer service driven home healthcare software company.
The FASTEST Software to set up
Most of us don't have time to learn complex software. The proof of our simplicity is the speed of your deployment - usually one day.
We subscribe to the belief that good software should be intuitive and easy to set up. Have you spent months trying to implement another solution? Are there enormous fees or difficult set up steps necessary to make it work? Usually within an hour or less our customers are up and running. Larger customers may take a little longer but there is no comparison of our simple home healthcare software and how fast you can be up and running. You have better and more important things to do with your time.
AFFORDABLE Home healthcare software
Wrap all of this simplicity, speed and power up in an affordable package and we know your financial department will be pleasantly surprised. Our pricing is transparent and simple.
Caretime also subscribes to the belief that software to manage your Home Healthcare agency need not be expensive. We have been told that we could charge more because we are healthcare. But we believe our price is fair and transparent. We try to do our part keeping healthcare costs down, and ultimately, that benefits the quality of care for your patients. Because Caretime is the most affordable home healthcare software, more of your resources can go to taking care of the most important person in this industry, the patient. Thank you for what you do.



Yes, we are flexible... Small AND Flexible.... but when helping customers, we also NEED to bend over backwards.

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