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Over 12,000 Users | 4.5 Million EVV Check Ins Per Year | Outstanding Customer Service!

Unbeatable System and Customer Service

Our platform excels in making it easy for home care administrators and caregivers to use. Manage point of care delivery with visit verification (EVV), care documentation, and easy scheduling. Let CareTime help you bill with accuracy, produce payroll, and improve your business.

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Versatile Home Care Software Solution

CareTime is a powerful home care software solution application as is, but we can build customized software for you.

Care Delivery & Documentation

Caregivers can record and document visits with ease. You can also set up questions required upon clock out to ensure care plan tasks, ADLs, etc. were completed.

Electronic Visit Verification (EVV)

Provides accuracy, accountability, and compliance through geo-location and telephony clock-in and clock-out.

Electronic Claims and Billing

Create and send electronic claims to get paid by insurance, Medicaid, Medicare, and more. Batch claims can be created in an instant from all of your visit data. Process thousands of claims in just minutes!

Authorizations Management

Add, Manage, and Track Authorizations to have all in one place. Pull a report on authorization expirations to ensure no unauthorized care is given.

Robust Reporting

You can create reports that will increase revenues. Generate reports on missed revenue, visits, scheduled vs. actual hours, etc.

Schedule Management

Intuitive tools for setting appointments and managing caregiver schedules.

Company Communication Tools

Communicate with your entire company, individuals, or specific groups through multiple messaging channels.

Payroll Data in One Click

Generate your payroll data with one click, and integrate into your preferred payroll provider.

Mobile App for Caregivers Makes Visits a Breeze

Our mobile app allows caregivers to:

  • Clock in and out with GPS verification
  • Review care plans
  • Document care given including tasks related to the care plan
  • Record observations
  • Write notes
  • View schedules
  • See completed shifts

Easy Scheduling with Caregiver - Client Matching

Scheduling can be such a time consuming part of running your home care or home health company. Stop wasting time and manage schedules quickly, saving you time and money. Find the best person to fill the shift by using our advanced scheduler. It takes in account client requirements, client preferences, caregiver availability, and more! 

Billing & Payroll Simplified

You can get payroll and billing data for your organization in a matter of seconds from automated reports. Additionally, we can integrate with your billing or payroll provider. 

Two-Way Agency Messaging

Message caregivers to let them know when payroll is coming or to see if they can fill a shift. Send single or agency-wide messages. Your caregivers can message you back.

Map Where Care Is Provided and Fill Shifts Quickly

Always know that care is being provided. Also, if you have an open shift, you can see how far caregivers are from the client location to see if they can fill that shift.

Reports to Better Run Your Business

Over 30+ pre-built reports and a custom reporting engine. You are able to slice and dice data on visits, employee hours, alerts, billing, and so much more. We help you run a better business.

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Leading Edge Home Care Voice Assistant

Lead the pack and set yourself apart with the CareTime Voice Assistant. Have your patients check in with health status, set medication reminders, add conditions to charts, and have emergency calls for fall incidents.

home health voice assistant software

Don't see the software solution you want? Let us custom build it for you!

We can provide custom solutions for your particular organization’s needs. CareTime can provide home health related software for health systems, hospitals, payers and large agency management companies. Our experienced team can handle complicated requests and integrate many different platforms.

CareTime Provides Agency Management, Electronic Visit Verification (EVV), Scheduling, Care Documentation, Messaging, Electronic Claims, Payroll, and Home Health Alexa Voice Assistant
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