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Home Healthcare Software


Software for Consumer Directed,
In-Home Services and Private Pay.

Use our simple pre-packaged compliant
Home Healthcare Software modules.
Pick only the pieces you need.

If you already have a Home Healthcare Software product but need to add more functionality, we can build an interface to integrate with your software.

Unparalleled flexibility and Customer Service enable Caretime to customize a solution to suit your agency's needs.

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The Difference Listening Can Make

We listened and developed a solution that saved our customer over $70,000 in hard costs a year. With our custom solution they identified unproductive staff and inconsistencies in visits and optimized operations. They were able to dramatically increase participation in programs with the same amount of staff. We think they are happy. One size does not fit all.

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This customer had a large, enterprise-style problem. They had invested significant resources of time and money into their homecare software solutions but did not fully comply with new state requirements. They only needed to add a couple features but the current vendor wouldn't change and it would require a total revamp of code and hardware. A deployment of totally new software and processes would totally disrupt care coordination. More time would be spent on re-training and deployment than on care and earning reimbursements.

Using our infrastructure we were able to deliver a partial solution that communicated with their existing systems. The re-deployment was reduced to a few months, not years, and was able to be accomplished using similar call-in techniques the current staff was familiar with.

We deliver reliable and innovative home healthcare software solutions. Call Caretime Today. We can help. 888-400-5048










The Caretime Difference//



Simple, Affordable Out of the Box Products to have your agency up and running in minutes. Unlike the competition, we allow you to pick the pieces you need from our ready made modular software design.

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Have existing software in place and you need more functionality? Combine your existing software with Caretime’s powerful interfaces to provide your agency a complete solution.

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If you don't see something that solves your needs, we can customize a solution. Have us build the product thats right for you. Caretime offers unparalleled flexibility and support.

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What is EVV ?

In its simplest form EVV it is an advanced web based timeclock with added features. EVV stands for “electronic visit verification” and is a term used to describe a technology that enables providers (home healthcare agencies) to verify a nurse visit. It really isn't complicated, but as a provider do you have a partner to help?

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Power in Knowing
that your Caregiver has arrived, that you have not exceeded an authorization or that your staff is approaching overtime.
Reduce your phone calls.
Best Pricing. Period.
Our application is simple why shouldn't our pricing be? We don't have any hidden fees and you can always view your bill in real time.
Personal Attention
You are more than just a subscription sale. We provide optional on site, department specific training as needed.
Response Time?
We pride ourselves on responding to your needs. The software industry average is two days - ours is 2 hours. We'll answer our phone. Try us and see.
Uncommon Support
Can you get anyone on the phone? Does a computer answer? We provide 24x7 emergency support and seven day a week gold level support.
Attitude Matters
Does what you do matter? Do you care about honesty? Character? Is there appreciation for what you do? We appreciate you and we say it every day to our customers.
Artificial Intelligence

Oh, and make sure to ask us about our chatbots that monitor your processes, deliver information and track key workflow.



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