Master EVV for your Home Care Agency

Did you know that home care agencies that master EVV generate more revenue than those who don't?

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This E-book includes all you need to know about EVV:

  • What is Electronic Visit Verification? 
  • State Regulations and How Agencies are Impacted 
  • Current EVV Implementation Models
  • Warnings and Successes of Different State EVV Mandates
  • What if Scenarios like:
    • What happens if your vendor goes out of business? 

    • What happens if the vendor goes down for a period of time?

  • What type of EVV technologies exist

  • Ways EVV can help you improve business operations, increase revenue and increase retention.


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Why CareTime?

We understand that running your agency requires a lot of work, and you need a partner that understands your business needs. We help you manage schedules, take back control of time, track caregivers, cut expenses, and generate more revenue. 

Our goal is to make managing your homecare agency easy - so you can get more time back in your day and focus on what matters most: growing your business.

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