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A leading, multi-location Midwest home care provider was saddled with a bill of tens of thousands of dollars per month by an EVV and software technology provider that was inflexible and prone to issues. They were very frustrated and felt stuck with what they had. The provider had its own internal IT system that needed to talk to the EVV software. Their current vendor would not allow for the connection and provided no help in getting the data in the way they desired to have it come into the IT system. This was a very labor-intensive process for the office staff.


When they came to CareTime home care software to find out if there were other options, we discussed how we might be able to come up with the right solution together. CareTime is a PARTNER, not just a vendor. We decided it was best to work within the confines of the home care provider’s current IT system and work together on a solution that worked for them and their workflow.

Not only did we collaboratively design the connection to their current IT infrastructure, but when discovering what they were being charged by this technology vendor, CareTime realized that we could help this company greatly with the cost of the technology. By eliminating unnecessary pieces of the puzzle and coming up with a more cost-effective solution, CareTime helped the provider save significant costs.


CareTime was able to save this home care provider over $200,000 in annual EVV software and labor costs and countless staff hours because they no longer had to do the labor of getting the visit data into their IT system. CareTime allowed this home care company to save over 70% of administration time and $200,000 per year in annual software and labor costs––all while increasing capabilities.

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