How to Ensure Your Caregivers Remain Compliant

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It may be difficult to keep track of all the necessary documentation for your caregivers to remain compliant. For example, certificates, annual physicals, and licenses. Why is this important? In some cases, if care is provided by an employee out of compliance, then the customer cannot bill insurance for that visit. A simple thing, such as an expired document, can then cause many issues for the customer and your company. 



Stay on Top of Requirements 

Find a way to be alerted of upcoming renewal dates. Remember that simply having a list of expiration dates will not be helpful. If you check what is expiring, on the day that it expires, you are too late. It is good to get a notification at least a month in advance, so you can contact your employee and have them get that document renewed. 


Do I Need to Hire a Human Resources Specialist?

No doubt, someone working in a human resources role could stay on top of all documents needed to remain compliant. Unfortunately, this can still be difficult for one person to keep track of if you have a good number of employees. If you already have a human resources person, then consult with them on how they would prefer to keep tabs on documents. If you don’t have a human resources employee, you can still handle checking documents, just in a different way. 


No HR, No Problem 

The best home care softwares allow you to keep track of all necessary documents right there in the application. Do you have a home care software? If so, do they offer this feature? If you don’t have a home care software, look into the benefits one could bring you.


Check out Why You Need a Home Care SoftwareBefore you brush off the idea, thinking one would be too expensive or not worth the trouble, remember that there is an affordable option available for home care companies of all sizes. You can always ask for a free demo so you can see the benefits for yourself, at no cost to you. 


CareTime – Stay Ahead

CareTime has an employee section with tabs like general information, notes, and certificates. The certificates tab looks like this when opened: 


You can add the document name, start date, renewal date, and notes relating to the document. Below that is where the magic happens. When you select Yes next to Make Inactive if Expired, the caregiver will automatically be made inactive in the system if there are any necessary documents that expired. This way, an employee out of compliance will not be able to clock into a shift and cause problems down the road. 

You can receive alerts for documents that will be expiring soon. In the agency set up, you can select how many weeks in advance you would like that notification. 


On the dashboard, you can easily see the certificates that expire soon at a quick glance.



Save money and time with CareTime 

CareTime is a web-based home care software company for home health, home care, hospice, and other healthcare organizations. We help you take back control of time, track caregivers, cut expenses, and generate more revenue. Our platform excels in making it easy for home care, home health administrators, and caregivers to use it. Manage point-of-care delivery with visit verification (EVV), care documentation, and maps, manage your caregivers and their schedules, bill with accuracy, and run reports to improve your business.

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