Celebrating Holidays in Home Care

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With Halloween quickly approaching, Thanksgiving and religious holidays just around the corner, caregivers should do their best to bring some holiday cheer. This time of the year can be hard on seniors who are feeling lonely or forgotten about. Their families can’t always come visit, so it is up to your caregivers to make them feel jolly. 

Find out what they celebrate

Of course, your caregiver should first ask which holidays the patient celebrates. Yes, they are grown and probably don’t dress up for Halloween. But, they may enjoy going online and seeing their distant family members dress up, spooky movies, the monster mash, and possibly a little bit of candy. If homes in the area decorate their yards, consider driving them through to look at them. 

See if you can assist in decorating

Ask your client if they have any holiday decorations that they want to put up. Chances are, they have decor put away somewhere that may be difficult for them to get to. Seeing the decor they used to display for the holidays years ago will make them feel even more at home. 

Find their favorite holiday movies

If your patient enjoys watching things on television, ask what their favorite holiday movie is. You might be able to find it on TV or a streaming platform. If they are open to suggestions, share your favorite holiday movies with them as well. 

Cook traditional holiday foods

If their nutritional diet allows, ask the patient what holiday food they enjoy most. They might even have old family recipes that you could prepare for them. This is a great way for caregiver and patient to bond.

Plan a trip out

Staying home all day gets boring very quickly. During holiday months there are often local fairs, festivals, and game nights. Print out a list of nearby activities the patient could participate in and see if they are interested in any.

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