Marketing Moments Webinar Series
Powered by CareTime and 52 Weeks Marketing

Session 1: Power Up Referral Pipelines

We Covered:

  1. Home Care Marketing Principles

  2. Benefits of Building Multiple Referral Pipelines

  3. Best Practices for Building Referral Pipelines

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Meet Julio:

Julio has spent his entire professional life in sales. 

The last 10 have been spent focusing on the home care business model. He has a commitment and deep passion for improving the quality of life for individuals in need of home care and community-based services.  As Vice President of Sales for Caretime, AllyMS and other brands, he is focused on helping home care businesses be more efficient, allowing them time to improve the quality of life and outcomes for their clients.

Meet Debbie:

Debbie has been there - done that, and wants to teach you how!

In ten years, Debbie built a $10.8-million-dollar home care organization, using her system. Understanding the daily challenges facing providers today, she is passionate about helping owners differentiate themselves, dominate their markets, and grow their businesses.


CareTime stands out as the straightforward and user-friendly solution for home care agencies, providing a seamless experience unlike other complex alternatives. With essential features like CRM, scheduling, EVV, billing, claims, reporting, and a family portal, CareTime serves as a comprehensive "one-stop shop" for managing your business efficiently. What sets CareTime apart is its innovative automated billing system, allowing you to "Bill while you sleep." Additionally, the robust rules engine ensures flawless claim submissions every time, making CareTime the perfect choice for your agency's needs.


The 52 Weeks Marketing program is a B2B, turn-key marketing system designed to help home care owners build relationships with key referrers in their community. The one-of-a-kind model is territory exclusive, which means no one else in your area will be using the same tools and messaging! This will set you apart from your competition. With years of experience helping home care providers throughout the USA build their brands on a local level, this, “marketing in a box” method is proven to increase referrals, drive revenue and help you grow your business!