CareTime Voice Assistant

Introducing the CareTime Voice Assistant

To assist in the care process, CareTime has a voice assistant that can help maintain care for clients even when your caregiver can’t be there.


  • Medication Reminders
  • Patient Daily Check in Questions about Health
  • List Scheduled Events for the Day
  • Call “Doctor” or “Caregiver”
  • Add Conditions or Observations to File
  • And More
home health voice assistant software

Reduce Injuries and Readmissions

Having an interactive monitoring assistant in place will help drive injuries and readmissions down, not to mention increase peace of mind.

Increase Medication Adherence

With the Caretime Voice Assistant medication reminders, you can increase medication adherence even while caregivers are not present. Did you know that medication adherence can decrease fall risk by 50%?

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