Caretime EVV (Electronic Visit Verification)

Caretime's Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) and Telephony Software

Caretime’s multi-technology electronic visit verification solution is a compliant EVV system for providers. Our EVV uses GPS, cell phone and telephony technologies, with a few others such as fixed-based and voice-bot upon request.

Track Visits and Duration Effortlessly

Biometric Voice Verification for Extra Security

Visit Notes, Details and Tasks

Alerts - Late, No Shows, Upcoming, etc.

Reporting and Analytics on Visit Data

Automatically Creates Billing and Payroll Data

Integrate with Other Software

Multiple Technologies for EVV

Multi-Language Support

Track Suspicious Caregiver Behavior

EVV for Providers and Consumer-Directed Care
  • Multi-technology, user-friendly electronic visit verification software created for providers and consumer directed care
EVV for States
  • Our fully-capable and reliable system is built to be a state-compliant EVV. States can either use our out-of-the-box system or request a customized EVV solution developed for their specific needs. Caretime is already approved and used in many states by thousands of users.
EVV for Payers and MCOs
  • Gain insights into the accuracy, expected reimbursements, and real-time visits with our EVV solution for payers.
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