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Stop Leaking Money from Your Company. Save Time. Increase Billings.

Scheduling Done in Minutes!

Scheduling can be such a time consuming part of running your home care or home health company. Stop wasting time and manage schedules quickly with our caregiver-client shift matching.Find the best fit to fill the shift with the push of a button.

Point of Care and Employee Tracking

Always know where your caregivers or employees are throughout the day. You can be better informed, help them in the field, and make sure they stay on task.

Reports That Make You Look Like a Hero

Being able to create reports to examine your business, generate payroll, send billing information, find missed revenue, and more is what can transform your business from good to great.

Billing and Payroll Data & Integrations

You can get payroll and billing data for your organization in a matter of seconds. Additionally, we can integrate with your billing or payroll provider.

Electronic Claims

With CareTime you can create and send electronic claims to get paid by Medicaid or insurance. Batch claims can be created in an instant from all of your visit data.

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Who We Work For:

Home Health and Hospice Agencies

Home health agencies use Caretime to ensure reliability of billing information and manage schedules effectively. Many home health companies use Caretime to comply with required EVV, or electronic visit verification.

Non-Medical Home Care

Non-medical home care and companion agencies set appointments, manage schedules and always know where their caregivers are with our software.

Consumer Directed Care and Nurse Registries

Consumer directed care registries and “fiscal agents” use Caretime or have their consumers use Caretime to properly track scheduled and actual caregiver and helper times.

ACOs, MCOs, Insurance Co.'s and Health Systems

Payers and larger health systems need to have software that integrates into their current sophisticated IT structures and workflows. Plug in the tools you want without being forced to take tools you don’t want.

In-Home Physical Therapy

Many physical therapy providers need a solution for providing in-home services. With PTs spread out over a given region and many schedules to manage, Caretime allows PT providers to manage it all easily.

Behavioral & Mental Health Companies

Behavioral and mental health providers often are home-based providers. Setting, keeping and managing appointments is the lifeblood, and Caretime can help.

Other Location-Based Health Providers

House call doctors, infusion therapy, hospitalist groups and many other providers use Caretime to take back control of time and know where their staff is.

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Scheduling that Saves Time

Scheduling caregivers and clients has never been easier. Never miss an appointment again. Caregiver called out today? No problem. Easily fill the shift through our quick scheduling message, instead of calling caregivers individually.

Rest Assured with EVV

You can rest easy with our electronic visit verification (EVV) technology. We have MULTIPLE methods of EVV including GPS, cell phone and landline. The visits are automatically logged and ready for billing reports. Know where your caregivers are at any time. Comply with payers requiring EVV in a jiffy!

Make More. Spend Less.

Using the reporting and time saving tools in our platform, you’ll be able to generate more revenue and find revenue that you previously missed. Save money through verifiable caregiver time, reimbursements, and the hundreds of admin hours you will save by using Caretime. You’ll be a hero!

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