The Best Way to Market Your Home Care Business

August 19, 2019

You should spread the word of your business through every channel feasible. It is important to look into all types of advertising and then make an informed decision on which ones to use. Both free and paid methods are worth a shot. 


Get Social (Media)

One of the cheapest forms of advertising is maintaining social media profiles. It costs you virtually no money and gives you a platform to speak on your brand. Interact with your customers and build better relationships with them, others will see this and want the same. People want to feel like they know your company and core values. Consider posting an “about us” video where potential customers can be introduced to you and your staff. 


Post Online Ads

Online ads allow you to target the exact group of people you are looking for. Use this to your advantage! Set an advertising budget and try posting ads on different websites. Popular channels include Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Craigslist, and Google Ads. Also, look into care specific websites such as   


Post Paper Ads

Local newspapers and magazines are always selling ad space. The best advertising is sometimes free. Instead of simply releasing an ad, write your business story (tell people what makes your business unique) and see if your local newspaper would be interested in publishing it.  


Print Marketing Materials 

Make company business cards and brochures that can be handed out to prospective clients. You can go to elderly care facilities or hospitals in your area and ask to leave some materials at the front desk. There are plenty of free resources available on the web to create your designs. 


The Best Form of Advertising 

Word-of-mouth can be a beautiful or deadly thing. If your clients are satisfied with your care, they will be happy to share your information with friends and family. When a recommendation comes from someone they trust, they are more likely to follow through and contact you. Once your caregiver and the client have made a good bond, it is time to hand them informational packets to share. Have your staff explain the importance of helping others who could benefit from your services. Then, offer a small token of appreciation for any referrals they bring in, such as a $20 gift card. You will be surprised how much faster referrals come in!


Get Involved

Search for senior community events and get networking! Ask to be a speaker and provide your audience with valuable insights. 


Track Your Progress

When you get a new lead, ask how they heard about your company. Stick to the marketing channels that are working the best for you!