Free Home Care Software

Free Home Care Software

caretime home care software and evvAre you looking for free home care software? We are going to dive in and talk about how to get free home care software. Do you currently run a small home care agency or you are thinking about starting one? It can be daunting to be small or starting out, wondering where your next client will come from and then, oh yeah, I guess I need some software to manage and organize all of this.

Home care companies keep track of things in many different ways. Some still do all paper and files. Some use different software programs to manage everything. And some home care companies choose a home care software solution that can help them manage and automate many different aspects of the business.

So, where can you get free home care software? There are a couple of different ways to go about this. A free solution may be to just use Excel spreadsheets, online calendars, paper time sheets, and print or email invoices to clients. You can make that work into a system, and it is nearly free or free if you have all of these already.

Let me pose the other solution for free home care software. At CareTime, we’ve discovered that most agencies that use our software save so much more money than what they spend on the software that it is more than free. It may not be the answer you want to hear, but imagine automating things like timesheets, payroll calculation, invoices/claims, scheduling, filling shifts, keeping track of compliance documents, and more. Those can cause you or your staff to spend hours upon hours of data entry and organizing that can be taken care of by a home care software solution.

Take a look at the savings a typical home care agency saves using CareTime software:

free home care software roi calculator

Our typical client is saving $10,000 to $200,000 per year by using our software. Many home care agency owners stop growing because they can’t catch up on all the data entry and admin work that bogs them down. Automate it! And grow your business.

Not only does CareTime become free home care software, it actually pays you when you think about all the potential savings. Time spent on scheduling is something the ROI Calculator doesn’t incorporate, but could provide huge savings as well.

Example of Software Benefit: Schedule 6 months of care in 5 minutes or less

Imagine how much time you might spend every week entering schedules on a spreadsheet or simple calendar for a client for the next 6 months. With CareTime’s scheduling system you could set up a recurring schedule for that client for the next six months in 5 minutes or less.

Start Early Before You Grow Big

Many home care owners think that they will just wait until they are bigger to start using home care software. But, it’s a lot easier to have a system in place early than to wait until you have hundreds of clients and caregivers and then force them to change technologies. My advice is start early with a software system.

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About CareTime

CareTime is a home care software provider that makes it easier to run your business. We serve private pay, Medicaid, skilled and unskilled agencies and consumer directed care as well. CareTime is an innovative company that is creating new and exciting home care technologies like a Voice Assistant that can check in on your clients and their condition while caregivers can’t be there. Our customer support is top-notch, and you can always get a hold of a real person on the phone to help.

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