Custom Software

We Build Customized Software and EVV Solutions for You

CareTime can build customized EVV or home care related software for your organization’s internal use. Large providers, states, and payers have unique needs that can only be met with customization.

Custom EVV and Telephony

We’ve built custom EVV (electronic visit verification) solutions for large enterprises that wanted to keep their own IT infrastructure. No situation is too complex for us to create a solution for.

Software Integrations

CareTime creates integrations to work seamlessly with your software of choice to increase efficiency, improve workflow, and manage expenses.

Full-Suite Management Tools

Don’t like your current solution? Is it missing features that would propel your organization forward? Let us build it for you.

State EVV and Analytics Programs

We have the capability of allowing states to utilize our software or have it customized and white-labeled for state use. Set your requirements and we can meet them.

Consumer-Directed Care Customization

Larger consumer-directed care agents need solutions that fit their specific business needs. Let us help you save thousands!

We Build Great Things Just For YOU.