Benefits You Can Market in Home Care & Home Health Care

October 7, 2019

Family members of elderly people are often the ones concerned about their care. They watch their loved ones age and start to struggle with tasks that they used to complete with ease. Making sure that their elderly parents, grandparents, or friends are safe then becomes a full time job. It can be a lot to take on, given that they most likely have a job and others to care for. 

This is where your home care or health care agency must explain how beneficial your services can be both to the patient and their families. 


Benefits that You Should Market

Home care services can assist with daily activities

You don’t have to worry about the patients quality of life because a caregiver will be there to assist with day-to-day personal care. Any help needed with bathing, grooming, meal prep, medication reminders, and so on will be taken care of. 


They are trained professionals

It’s good to know that when you’re away, the patient will be left in very capable hands. Not only that, but with experience comes a trained set of eyes. Caregivers should easily be able to spot and correct any safety risks that may have been overlooked. 


Skilled nursing at home 

Going to the hospital every time the patient needs a checkup or simple medical test can be costly and difficult given the mobility of the patient. Skilled medical professionals can instead go right into the home and care for the patient. Medical needs will always be met without worry.


Medication management 

When you have multiple medications to take, at all different times of the day, it can be confusing for anyone. Caregivers will help plan out a schedule to take any necessary medications to ensure they are all being taken. This is very important since some medications do not react well with others.



It is good for the patient to get some social interaction. When mobility is limited, it can become difficult to go visit friends and family. Caregivers can be there to have a nice chat, go for walks, eat together, and play games. There will be no fear of your loved one feeling lonely. You could even have someone there all the time, with a live-in caregiver. 


Nutrition support 

Nutrition is a vital component to living a healthy life. Often times, elderly people do not get the nutrition they need. It may be difficult to go grocery shopping, cook, or they may simply be uneducated on what to consume. A caregiver can provide education on what nutrients they need as well as cook the food for them. 


Assistance with chores

Simple housekeeping such as doing laundry, sweeping, or taking out the trash can be exhausting for the elderly. Caregivers are there to help in whatever light housekeeping that needs to be done. Loved ones do not have to worry about the cleanliness of the patient’s house because they will see that everything is being taken care of. 



The cost of in home care is typically less expensive per day compared to a hospice facility. Home care and home health companies should show a comparison of their costs vs a hospice to really drive that point. 


Proof of care

Family members of the patient may not live close enough to ensure that they are being taken care of. For that reason, a family portal is a great perk when offering your services. It would allow family members to log in and see who has visited the patient, what tasks were done, the care plan, and so on. CareTime is currently building a family portal for this exact reason. 

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