What Your Staff Needs: The Top Benefits of Home Care Staffing Software

The Top Benefits of Home Care Staffing Software Your agency needs home care staffing software. Why? Read on to learn the top benefits of home care staffing software. Keyword(s): benefits of Home Care Staffing Software Running a home care agency … Read More

Finding the Best: How to Choose the Right Home Care Staffing Software

Finding the Best: How to Choose the Right Home Care Staffing Software Are you looking to purchase home care staffing software? If so, check out this guide to learn how to choose the right software. Keyword(s): home care staffing software … Read More

Free Home Care Software

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What is EVV and Why Do I Need It?

If you are in the home health business, chances are you’ve at least heard of EVV. So, what is it and why should you care? EVV stands for Electronic Visit Verification. Essentially, it is a technology that verifies where and … Read More

10 States With the Most Home Care Agencies

  The U.S. has over 15,000 registered non-medical home care agencies. The services provided by home care agencies may include personal care services such as hands-on assistance with activities of daily living (ADLs), e.g., eating, bathing, dressing, and bladder and … Read More

5 Ways to Grow Your Home Healthcare Business

Home health and home care can be a very challenging market to differentiate in and gain new customers. We all know that the number of people needing home health care is staggering and the size of this $89 billion industry … Read More

3 Things to Consider When Buying Home Care Software

You know by now that choosing a Home Care Software solution that works for your agency can be a daunting task. How do you know what the best home care software solution will be? At the risk over oversimplifying something … Read More

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3 Things That Will Kill Your Home Care Business

The home care industry is big news right now with the aging of Baby Boomers and the industry-wide growth. One would think that having a home care business is a surefire way to success. But unfortunately, home care businesses fold … Read More

Senate Passes Bill to Delay EVV Implementation

The U.S. Senate just passed the Bill introduced and already passed through the House of Representatives that would delay the implementation of the EVV mandate. Currently the EVV mandate’s implementation date is supposed to be January 1, 2019. Electronic Visit … Read More