EVV and Implementation – What Has Gone Wrong

What is EVV? EVV stands for Electronic Visit Verification. Essentially, it is a technology that verifies where and when a caregiver begins services for a client and when they clock-out. This provides a trail that is the basis for billing. … Read More

Finding the Best Home Care Software – Free

Finding the Right Home Care Software See How You Can Get a Free Home Care Software    Are you looking to purchase home care staffing software? If so, check out this guide to learn how to choose the right software. … Read More

Upcoming Home Care Conferences You Should Attend

Why Should I Go to A Conference? A great way to network and learn more about your industry is to attend a conference. You can simply be an attendee, listen to keynote speakers, participate in educational workshops, and visit booths … Read More

The Best Way to Market Your Home Care Business

You should spread the word of your business through every channel feasible. It is important to look into all types of advertising and then make an informed decision on which ones to use. Both free and paid methods are worth … Read More

How to Write a Policies and Procedures Manual for Home Care and Home Health Care

What is a Policies and Procedures Manual? A Policies and Procedures Manual includes the guiding principles and actions on how you expect your company to run. It is a necessary material that your staff must follow for both ethical and … Read More

Expanding Your Home Care Business to Private Duty

First of all, what is private duty and private pay? Private duty home care is a form of general home care. Caregivers can provide a wide range of services such as medical, nursing care, bill paying, and transportation. Other services … Read More

How to Start Your Own Home Care Business

Many of the steps listed below can be completed in a different order or simultaneously.    Step 1: Decide what kind of business you want to run You can start your own business from scratch or consider opening a franchise. … Read More

The Difference Between Home Care & Home Health Care

You may hear people using the terms home care and home health interchangeably, but they are in fact two very different things. While they both take place in the comfort of one’s own home, home care is non-clinical, while home … Read More

Stop Wasting Hours of Administrative Time in Home Care

Between making schedules, creating claims, doing payroll, and recruiting new staff, you are racking up hours of administrative time. Have you considered time spent on documentation by your clinicians? This time and therefore cost, can be cut down. First you … Read More

How to Make Your Home Care Business More Profitable

Let’s go back to the basics of accounting with the profitability equation. Profit is the money left over when you subtract your expenses from revenues.  So there are two main ways to increase profits, either increase revenue or decrease expenses. … Read More