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My phone says I'm not authorized. My GPS says I'm going nowhere fast.. Yesterday it refused to track me at all.
I am SO doing something...... right now I am adjusting my schedule to make my co-workers look more productive!
It's an evolution thing, your baby is now a mobile hotspot. Up to 8 family members can wifi, anytime, anywhere!
Now..... I ain't claiming to be no expert, but this here looks like some kind of daggum Real Time Alert to me!
Yes, we are flexible... Small AND Flexible.... but when helping customers, we also NEED to bend over backwards.
The word Invoice is too soft and friendly...... Can the new interface print us a word that means pay up or die?
Our old mission statement was more dignified and eloquent. Who put the software team in charge of the new one?
This toenail clipper makes phone calls and can check my accounts anywhere! What do you mean, why do I need that?
I'm tryin' to prove who I'm 'sposed to be. It's telling me to reset the voice verify thing... dang I hate Puberty!
We'd like to hire you to run our customer support. It's practically impossible to look at a penguin, and feel angry.



More About EVV

To be reimbursed, many states require the use of an approved EVV vendor.
The 21st Century Cures Act set forth a national EVV mandate, and created a fund for states to develop their respective EVVs.

This federal law demonstrates that EVV is here to stay.
The goal is to reduce fraud and increase the quality of care.
But while the big EVV software vendors have been spending their resources lobbying for their financial interests, they have forgotten you and the patient.

They have forgotten what matters.

Caretime is a pioneer in technological innovation and offers exceptional customer service. We are the partner to stand by you during the EVV mandate.

We are flexible. We listen and we care about you. Call Caretime Today. We can help   888-400-5048









Who is Caretime ?

Caretime is a Virginia based software company specializing in delivering innovative and affordable web based home healthcare software solutions that help our home healthcare agencies increase sales, ensure EVV compliance, decrease payroll costs and streamline billing. We can eliminate burdensome paperwork and allow you to manage care plans, prevent overtime and monitor authorization limits.



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